Lanyang Vegetable Medley
Organic vegetables from Tai...
Organic vegetables from Taiwan’s Northeastern Lanyang Plain and wood-grown shiitake mushroom stewed for two hours with fish skin and dried shrimp from the northeastern coast to give them the characteristic Lanyang maritime flavor.
Organic Seasonal Vegetables
Farm-fresh organic vegetabl...
Farm-fresh organic vegetables tossed in your choice of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Taitung Dulan Mountain Bitter Tea Oil or Anxin Old-fashioned Pork Lard.
NT$ 480
Seasonal Potager
Seven to eight seasonal veg...
Seven to eight seasonal vegetables with fleur de sel and the head chef's specially refined oi; soaked with rose petals.
NT$ 880
Zucchini parcel
Contract-farmed zucchini an...

Contract-farmed zucchini and carrots are weaved into a lattice; wrapped inside are Pingtung specialty “Rain Mushrooms”, scallops, Taiwanese black pork, various mushrooms including Matsumoto mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms; chicken stock is lastly poured over the dish, creating a refreshing and tantalizing taste.

Starting time: Please refer to the staff for further information.
NT$ 980
Semi-dried Squid with Seasonal Vegetables
Semi-dried squid, which has...
Semi-dried squid, which has been left to air-dry in the natural Penghu sea breeze and strong sun for a day, is stir-fried with seasonal vegetables. Flavored with Japan Kuki sesame oil, the squid is savory and fragrant, and further complements the freshness and tastiness of the seasonal vegetables.
NT$ 580
Stir-fried Fresh Bamboo Shoots with Pickled Cabbage and Pork Belly
Seasonal fresh green bamboo...
Seasonal fresh green bamboo shoots, handmade Hakka pickled cabbage, peeled chili peppers and pork belly, and pickled sweet and sour bamboo ginger strips are julienned and stir-fried. The pork belly retains a crisp and tender texture, and accompanied by the delicate and crisp green bamboo shoots, its flavor is enhanced by the tangy pickled cabbage, ginger, and peeled chili peppers, creating an especially refreshing and appetizing dish.
NT$ 580
Handmade Organic Tofu.
Hand-processed tofu made th...
Hand-processed tofu made the traditional way from organic soy beans, accompanied by preserved century egg (pidan), Gongguan hot pickled mustard tuber (zha cai) and minced green onion oil.
NT$ 580
This set of tableware and dishes are for reference only.
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