Tea, an important part of Taiwanese culture
We have selected thirteen different types of organic tea from tea plantations all over Taiwan, including Pinglin, Alishan, Lishan, and Nantou. The tea is specially brewed, using teapots made at Taiwan’s famousXiaofang Kiln. As you savor the tea, you are also savoring the earth, wind, water and sunshine of this beautiful island.
Organic Taiwanese tea
Organic Oriental Beauty tea
It’s also called Motley tea...
It’s also called Motley tea. The tea leaf has been planted since the Japanese colonial period, and its best flavor are due to bug-bites. It’s said that Queen of the United Kingdom was amazed at its fabulous scent. The appearance of the tea leaves looking beautiful and bright, and during the brewing process, the leaves open up as dancing beauties. Because its origin is the east island “Formosa” Taiwan, so the tea leaves were named as “oriental beauty tea leaves”.
Degree of fermentation | Heavy-fermented
The baking temperature | Low-heat baking
Origin | Hsinchu/ Toufen
Tea Consultant | Hsu Shih-wen
$200 / person
Organic Lishan oolong tea
The highest organic tea far...
The highest organic tea farm above sea level and has large differences in temperature between day and night. After the period of freezing-cold weather, tea trees grow slowly and the tea leaf cells grow fat and strong, so the bitter tea leaf taste is reduced and the tea tastes sweet. By the gradient low heat baking method, the original tea-leaf scent will be kept. Because Lishan has large amount of fruit produce, the tea leaves absorb the sweet taste of pear, the tea has a rich natural scent of fruit.
Degree of fermentation | Half-fermented
The baking temperature | Medium heat baking
Origin | Taichung/ Lishan
Tea Consultant | Chang Chin-chao
NT$ 120 per person
Donding Oolong Aged Tea
Tea Region: Lugu, Nantou County, Taiwan
Aged Tea 
$120/ person
Sun Moon Lake Laocong black tea
In Japanese colonial period...
In Japanese colonial period, the large-leaved tea tree species “Assam” was introduced from Assam province of India and was planted in Yuchi at the very beginning. It used to be a tribute paid to Japan’s emperor. The tea leaves are harvested by hand in the way of one bud and two leaves.
Degree of fermentation | Fully-fermented
The baking temperature | Low heat baking
Origin | Nantou/ Yuchi
Tea Consultant | Yeh Kuan-ying
$150 / person
The above price is subject to 10% service charge.If you bring drinks on your own, you will need to bring your own beverage service fee of NTD $500 per bottle to maintain service quality.
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Organic Taiwanese tea
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