Individual seating area on the 1st floor

Once walking into the Mountain and Sea House, guests are welcomed by a magnificent hall that reveals the a heritage of glory that has been passed on from generation to generation. A storage room for seafood ingredients is located on the right side. Everyday, the wild seafood arrives by air shipments from Kanziding of Keelung and Penghu. An approach path is facilitated between the outdoor garden and the individual seating area for guests to appreciate flowers while relaxing. The creation of an elegant atmosphere makes guests feel themself like refined scholars of the 1930s who take breaks at the tavern.

  • Total Seating capacity 26 people
  • The number of tables for 2 people 11 tables
  • The number of tables for 4 people 1 table
Penglaige private room and the secret path to the garden on the 1st floor

Independent VIP path with exclusive guid service for guests to enjoy a top-notch sense of luxury. The Penglaige private room is facilitated with independent outdoor balcony, and the previlege of appreciating the outdoor park. No matter the family gathering or the business meetings, this solitude space offers absolute privacy to guests.

  • Seating capacity of the private room 12 people
  • The number of 12-people VIP private rooms 1 room (exlusive privilege of accessing the outdoor balcony and the outdoor landscape garden)
Private room area on the 2nd floor

Each private room is named after those famous taverns at Dadaocheng in 1930s, such as Jiangshan Lou (Kamg San Lau), Shanshui Ting, Chunfengdeyi Lou, Donghuifang, Pingleyou, Baomei Lou. When enjoying the exquisite Taiwanese cuisines, guests can remember the most glorious history of Taiwanese cuisines.

  • 6-people private room 4 rooms (connectable)
  • 8-people private room 2 rooms (connectable)
  • Projection facility Yes (6-people private room)
  • Independent stereo facility Yes
Court of the Drunken Immortals private room on the 2st floor

From the Court of the Drunken Immortals private room on the 2nd floor, guests can see the the green trees along Renai Road. The tranquil atmosphere makes people feel peaceful in the hustle and bustle of the city, and guests can enjoy their meals in a free and elegant manner. During the period of Japanese rule, the Court of the Drunken Immortals (Zuixian Ge) was one of the three biggest restaurants in Tainan that sold Taiwanese cuisine. Stepping into the restaurant is akin to entering a time machine, and one is transported back to the glorious and splendid yesteryears of Taiwan's culinary history.

  • Seating capacity of the private room 18 people
  • The number of 18-people VIP private rooms 1 tables
Outdoor Garden

Landscapes are organized in space featuring layers of native species of plants, such as deciduous cypress, soft-branch star fruit trees and mango trees. The cherry trees and peach trees bloom in different seasons like a nature blooming symphony.

Mountain and Sea House
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