Zhu Set Menu
NT$ 3680/person
Sashimi Platter
Freshly-caught local fish s...
Freshly-caught local fish sliced raw and served with seasonal organic vegetables.
Chef's Special
It includes Sugar Cane Smok...
It includes Sugar Cane Smoked Chicken, Three-color Egg & Squid Roll, Additive-free Chinese Sausage.
Cucumber slices are used as...
Cucumber slices are used as the cover on top of stuffing made with chicken and button mushrooms. Decorative fragrant spice balls are used as garnish. Chicken soup is drizzled onto the beautifully plated ingredients to complete this beautiful and great tasting summer dish.
Taipingting Rose Prawns
Fresh ecological live prawn...
Fresh ecological live prawn meat is wrapped with mullet roe, salty duck egg yolk, and Erfan tofu skin, which is then covered in prawn paste, nori slices, garlic bolt slices and coriander leaves…etc., like layers of a blooming rose. This cuisine was a popular restaurant dish around Taipingting (currently Yanping South Road)
Seasonal seafood
The chef is freshly matched...

The chef is freshly matched with the appropriate method according to the current fishing.

Phoenix Eye Abalone
This traditional open-air b...
This traditional open-air banquet dish features multiple delicious centers: a slice of Mexican abalone is placed at the center of soft egg foo young, and a gingko nut positioned in the center of the abalone like a pupil. Strips of shiitake mushroom outlines the “phoenix eye,” which is then sprinkled with pearls made of seasonal vegetables.
Whole Chicken Cooked in Pork Stomach
The Taiwanese version of Ha...
The Taiwanese version of Haggis: free-range chicken, carefully deboned and stuffed by hand with a mixture of shredded bamboo shoot and shiitake mushrooms, bundled in pork stomach and stewed by our highly-skilled chefs.
Wild Ginger Lily Aiyu Jelly
Alishan Mountain wild aiyu ...
Alishan Mountain wild aiyu hand-washed by the chef with the addition of organic wild ginger lily.
Seasonal Fruit
A selection of the choicest...
A selection of the choicest organic, seasonal fruits from across Taiwan.
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This set of tableware and dishes are for reference only.
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Zhu Set Menu NT$ 3680/person
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