Treat yourself to a gourmet Taiwanese feast.

Night market snacks might be your first impression of Taiwanese cuisine, but Taiwan also has a more delicate and complex cuisine that has grown more rare over time. Mountain and Sea House spent two years redeveloping traditional methods that use local ingredients to create the rare taste of traditional Taiwan. By consulting with retired master chefs and using time-honored processes, Mountain and Sea House merges modern and traditional cooking techniques to rediscover the true taste of authentic Taiwan cuisine.

Classical gourmet—Suckling Pig

Brand spirit
From Farm to Table
Mountain and Sea House owns Nan'ao Fengyuan Farm, which is surrounded by mountains and faces to the sea offering Mountain and Sea House the freshest and seasonal organic vegetable. The pork is obtained from Taiwan Black Pig, the indigenous breed of Taiwan is served as a taste of traditional flavor to the guests. The chicken is obtained from the local free-range mountian chicken that have indigenous genes for good quality taste the gives each dish much more flavorful. We believe culinary process begins from the origin of food, and we will bring all customers a mouthful local food with authentic tastes.
Classical gourmet-Hakka Braised Streaky Pork

A Hakka festival favorite: pork belly and skin stewed with shredded bamboo shoots to create a feast of firm, succulent meat and flavorful vegetables.

Classical gourmet-Sugarcane-smoked Free-range Chicken

Taiwan indigenous free-range chicken cooked by sugar can smoking method tastes refreshing, sweet and with chewy texture.

Classical gourmet-M&S Sepcial fish

Shanhai Seafood House classic signs. The same day the top earners Keelung Down to now flow boneless fish, stuffed mushrooms, the wood, the traditional Mi Taimu Taiwan, Penghu out there full of sun dried shrimp, leek and clam extract umami SPA, Penghu prawns and so on. Pot full of flavor and tradition of the old flavor combination as the preferred gourmands.

Classical gourmet-Steamed Organic Seasonal Potager

Seven to eight seasonal vegetables from our farm with fleur de sel and the head chef's specially refined cooking oil; soaked with rose petals.

Back to 1930
In 2014 we started from Zhongshan North Road, then relocated to Renai Road in 2018.The building of the Mountain and Sea House reveals the romantic style of the Japanese Meiji Taisho period, which is deeply influenced by the European romantic landscape. In addition to the arch-filled walls on the Dihua Street, guests can see the common furniture of noble families, the Taishi chair representing the retro classic style of 1930s. Japanese Aritayaki and the French porcelain LEGLE (a high-class brand) dinning utensils and a unique garden landscape, from interior decoration to the selectionof dinning ware, showing the hospitality from the owner.
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