Main Course
Crabs Braised with Aged Shaoxing Wine
NT$ 3,280
Braised Pork Intestines
A culinary technique passed down from old chefs, intestine looping is a labor-intensive process that involves skillfully threading thick pig intestines in concentric layers. Infused with aromatic spices and meticulously braised, they are then woven into segments of garlic sprouts, softened through gentle simmering. Stir-fried with dried chili and Sichuan peppercorns, the result is a dish of rich flavors and satisfying textures — a perfect pairing with some beer.
NT$ 980
Sesame oil assorted soup with Shaoxing wine
To use sesame oil and ginge...
Used sesame oil and ginger to fry jowl, kidney and heart of pig, then boiled with stock and shaoxing wine.
NT$ 1,280
Yilan Shrimp Puffs
This traditional Yilan dish...
This traditional Yilan dish begins with a whole free-range chicken that is simmered for six hours to prepare a broth. Egg yolk, minced shrimp, and corn flour is hand beaten into a tight-knit, mochi-like dough before being sliced and deep fried into a golden brown puff. The result is a puff with a crisp outside coating, a soft, fluffy interior and a taste that is out of this world.
NT$ 580
Oyster Fritter
From Tainan Anping Harbor, ...
From Tainan Anping Harbor, Uncle A-Xiang’s secret method of stuffing Fresh Waisanting Sand Bar oyster with two kinds of vegetables and shredded pork. Every order is fried fresh to assure freshness.
NT$ 580
Flat Fish Spring Roll..
Master Te-Hsing Huang from ...
Master Te-Hsing Huang from Peng Lai Ge imparts the secret to ancient cuisine, stir-frying flat fish, sprouts and shrimp meat repeatedly, then wrapping them in spring rolls for deep-frying. This is a salty dessert normally served during half-time of a banquet, reminding guests to take a break and return to enjoy the second half of the banquet. It is enriched in the significance of dietary culture heritage.
Taipingting Rose Prawns
Fresh ecological live prawn...
Fresh ecological live prawn meat is wrapped with mullet roe, salty duck egg yolk, and Erfan tofu skin, which is then covered in prawn paste, nori slices, garlic bolt slices and coriander leaves…etc., like layers of a blooming rose. This cuisine was a popular restaurant dish around Taipingting (currently Yanping South Road)
NT$ 680 (1 piece for 2)
Crispy-fried Pork Ribs
A classic Beitou specialty:...
A classic Beitou specialty: streaky pork ribs marinated in organic preserved vegetables, fried crispy on the outside with a sweet juicy inside.
NT$ 780
Matsu Mussels with Basil
Succulent and flavorsome Ma...

Succulent and flavorsome Matsu mussels meticulously cultivated for more than two years have been carefully selected and sautéed with premium thick soy sauce, spices, basil before black vinegar is added to the mix. The mouthwatering aroma of these exquisite ingredients is brought out by the heat of the pan, amplifying the taste of the sea.

NT$ 880
Sea Cucumber with Peas(two days in advance)
A famous dish of the renown...
This was the signature dish of the renowned restaurant, Bao–mei-lou, in Tainan during the 1930s. Sea cucumbers are placed in the center of the dish to resemble a fortress, with broth surrounding the sea cucumbers like a moat. Peas are sprinkled on the periphery to resemble an army closing in on the fortress of sea cucumbers. We simmer the sea cucumbers in chicken broth over a low fire with scallions for 70 minutes. When you bite into the sea cucumber, your taste buds will be tantalized by the sweetness of the shrimp paste wrapped inside. (This dish needs to be ordered two days in advance.)
NT$ 2,980
Three-Cup Pigtail Stew
Pigtails are chopped up and marinated using marinade made with a special secret recipe. Spices are then sauteéd on low heat, and the pigtail pieces are deep-fried until the skin turns crispy. The heat is then turned up to condense the gravy before a dash of Kavalan Whisky is added to the stew. The result is a dish that blends the intoxicating fragrance of whisky with the savory aroma of soy sauce.
NT$ 880
Nostalgic style clay pot pork
Pork hung to maturation is ...

Pork hung to maturation is first fried and then steamed. The pork is then put on top of lotus leafs and placed in a clay pot to braise for three hours. Ingredients include sun dried Penghu squid and Yunlin #9 peanuts. The flavor of the peanut and the sweetness of the squid is infused into the meat with the braising.

NT$ 1,280
Penglai Pavilion Pork Rib and Scallion Stew
This is a dish from Fujian,...

This is a dish from Fujian, taught to current chefs by Chef Huang De-Hsing, who helmed the kitchen of Penglai Pavilion back in the day. Evenly marbled pork ribs are simmered in a stew made of onions, shallots, rock sugar, soy sauce, and Shaoxing wine, making them tender and sweet when served, leaving a lip-smacking aftertaste.

NT$ 680
Peng Lai Beef
This was originally Orange ...
This was originally Orange Beef on the 1930s Peng Lai Restaurant menu. The Mountain and Sea House uses the ribs of local Taiwan yellow cattle. Green onion is gently sautéed with olive oil. The beef is plated on top of the green onion and then drizzled with sauce made with beef stock, plums, and pineapple. The sweet and sour taste of the sauce brings out the tender flavor of the beef. This is a great appetizer and a well-loved beef dish.
NT$ 1,980
Crispy Roasted Chicken(two days in advance)
A dish served at Penglaige....

This is a signature dish from the famous Peng-lai-ge Restaurant, and we got the recipe from the master chef Huang De-shing. The roasted chicken can be enjoyed three ways: 1) you can bite into the meat of the chicken that was marinated first with fermented bean curd and then roasted; 2) you can savor the meat seasoned with the drippings from the roast chicken and add some crunchby eating it with sauerkraut; and 3) you can sandwich the meat, shredded bamboo shoots and sauerkraut in a steamed bun.

NT$ 2,880 three ways to eat
Suckling Pig(2 days in advance)
Master Te-Hsing Huang from ...
Master Te-Hsing Huang from Peng Lai Restaurants used mainly Fujian-style culinary skills, and this cuisine has not been made since Master Huang left Peng Lai Restaurants, as no one is willing to reproduce the complicated production process. When this cuisine reappeared, Master Huang said emphatically, “This cuisine has not been seen for more than 50 years”

This cuisine may be enjoyed in three ways, the first being the crispy pork skin.The second is the tender pork rib, and the third is stir-frying the remaining meat with pickled Chinese cabbage, and then serving it in steamed buns. There are four different flavors of sauces, including the western-style honey mustard, the lemon sauce similar to Japanese-flavor, the Taiwanese sweet sauce made of fermented flour, as well as the vinegar and garlic sauce for your selection. The diverse sauces also seem to represent the past glory of Dadaocheng with the fusion of different cultures.
NT$ 9,980 (whole one) NT$ 6,560 (Half one) NT$ 3,880 (one fourth) three ways to eat
Sugarcane-smoked Free-range Chicken
Local Taiwanese free-range ...
Local Taiwanese free-range chicken, traditionally prepared by smoking over sugarcane.
NT$ 1960 (Whole) NT$ 980 (Half)
Steamed Free-range Chicken
Local Taiwanese free-range ...
Local Taiwanese free-range chicken, steamed over low heat produces a meat with a succulent texture and skin with less grease. Served with Hakka kumquat and Taiwanese garlic soy sauce.
NT$ 1960 ( Whole) NT$ 980 (Half )
Additive-free Chinese Sausage
These hand-made sausages co...
These hand-made sausages contain no additives such as nitrites and therefore their natural color lacks the red hue of commercial sausages. First steamed and then charcoal grilled, their wholesome aroma is sure to bring about a nostalgic longing for the roast meat stalls of a bygone era.
NT$ 680
Atayal Maqaw Roast Pork
Marinated for three days in...
Marinated for three days in a mix of Jinmen sorghum, sea salt and Maqaw, a type of mountain pepper popular in Taiwan’s Atayal indigenous cuisine.
Select a Cooking Method : 1. Grill  or 2.Saute

Pork Origin: Taiwan
NT$ 780
Whitebait with Wild Seaweed Pancake
Fresh whitebait with Penghu...
Fresh whitebait with Penghu wild seaweed pancake, seasoned with homemade kelp salt to offer a crispy and delicious pancake.
NT$ 680
Fish Among the Willows
Wild Fish served with a com...
Wild Fish served with a complex sweet and sour sauce featuring three distinct sour tastes: fruity vinegar, pickled vegetable and naturally sun-dried orange daylily. The bright colors and rich, distinct sour tastes make every bite a pleasure.
NT$ 1,380 (L) NT$ 980 (S)
Steamed Wild Fish
Steamed Fresh fish, and the...
Steamed Fresh fish, and the dish is served with different sauces, including the complex sauce made of selected Dashu preserved salty pineapple, white gourd and cordia dichotoma, Sanxing cong (scallion) oil and Yunlin garlic soy sauce (choose one of the three sauces)
Market Price
Catch of the day Salt-baked Fish
Seasoned with the chef’s sp...
Seasoned with the chef’s special blend of kombu salt and grilled to seal in the freshness.
market price (can substitute lobster or crab)
Steamed Live Crab
Steamed wild crab from Penghu
Steamed wild crab from Penghu
Market Price
Alishan Coffee Smoked White Pomfret
To use Alishan coffee smoke...
To use Alishan coffee smoked white pomfret
NT$ 3,680
Stir-fried Crab with Osmanthus Egg
Using live crab and stir-fr...
Using live crab and stir-fried with Duck Eggs quickly over a strong fire so that the egg turns golden and fine, visually resembling osmanthus flowers. This aromatically arresting dish is one that puts the chef's control of heat and fire to the test. It brings together the crisp and sweetness of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts, the aroma and chewy texture of duck eggs, and the freshness and succulence of autumn crabs. Every mouthful of the dish is the product of exceptional skill.
NT$ 2280
Fried white pomfret
Select wild white pomfret a...

Select wild white pomfret are freshly caught by fishermen at sea. The pomfret has a delicate texture without fine fish bones and upon frying, its skin is crispy and its meat tender and sweet, making this a must-try signature dish in Taiwanese cuisine.

NT$ 3,680
This set of tableware and dishes are for reference only.
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