Wine Pairing NT$ 1,280 ( 3 Glasses)
1st WE by Weightstone | THE WHITE BLEND W°4
2nd Wu-Feng | Husen Junmai Ginjoshu OR OMAR single malt whisky | Bourbon type
3rd Wu-Feng | Lychee Honey Wine
Taiwanese Local Liquor
【Co-branding】La Roche d'Or

Winery : Weightstone Vineyard Estate & Winery
Volume : 750 ml
Type :  Sparkling wine
Grape Variety : Taiwanese grape
NT$ 2980/750 ml
[Mountain and Sea House Exclusive] WE by Weightstone White W°4
Weightstone Vineyard Estate & Winery
Taiwanese grape
NT$ 1,700/750ml | NT$ 380 by glass
Weightstone | Blanc de Blancs , Extra Brut, 2016
66% Golden Muscat, Erlin and Houli, 45 Years Old Vines
34% Musann Blanc, Puli Vineyard
Méthode Traditionnelle, Bottle Fermented, Hand Riddled.
1,480 Bottles Handcrafted
NT$ 5,040/750ml
Weightstone | Gris de Noirs Rosé Brut, Cuvée Classique N° 15
100% Black queen
NT$ 5,040 / 750ml
Weightstone | Impromtu, Rosé 2018
100% Black queen, 45 old vines, erlin vineyard, 3rd generation grower family.
NT$ 2,980/750ml(B)
Weightstone | Musann Blanc 2018
100% Estate grown Musann blanc

Our deep respect for this unique Taiwanese grape Musann Blanc led us to a gentle personal approach, from grape-growing to winemaking.
In 2018, delayed rainy season to mid July allowed the grapes to ripen healthily until harvest.
This is the first vintage where a majority of wine was fermented and aged slowly in 10-year-old neutral French oak barrels to develop complexity of flavors.
Alluringly sophisticated aromas of spicy tropical fruits and a slight butterscotch note transitions seamlessly to the palate with intriguing citrus tones.
Allowed with time, these intricate elements cohesively develop into a refined, balanced long full finish.
NT$ 4,480 / 750ml
Wu-Feng | Sobu Junmai Dai Ginjoshu
NT$ 3,520/700ml(B)
Wu Feng | Sobu Junmai Ginjoshu
Winery : Wu-Feng Farmer's Association 
Type of Rice Used : Taiwanese Rice 
Volume : 700 ml
NT$ 1,680/700ml
Wu-Feng | Lychee Honey Wine
Winery : Wu-Feng Farmer's Association 
Ingredients : Lychee, Honey
Alc : 8%
Volume : 500 ml
NT$ 800/500ml(B) ; $480/125ml(G)
Wu-Feng | General Feather- Cuhote Shochu
Standard:700ml/bottle(38% Alcohol by volume)

Award record:
The product has awarded Top 100 Premium
Agricultural Products of Farmers' & Fishermen's
Associations in Taiwan.
NT$ 2,000/700ml(B) $480/45ml(G)
Wu-Feng | General Feather- Syunzyu Yu Hasen Shochu
Standard:700ml/bottle (42% Alcohol by volume)
Award record:
The product has awarded Top 100 Premium
Agricultural Products of Farmers' & Fishermen's
Associations in Taiwan.
NT$ 2,250/700ml(B) $480/45ml(G)
Domaine Shu-Sheng | Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato, NV
GRAPE : Moscato
ABV : 18.0%
WINE STYLE :Fortified
NT$ 6,000/700ml(B)
Domaine Shu-Sheng | Vino Formosa Rosso
Wine Types : Fortified Wine
GRAPE : Muscat à Petits Grains, Black Queen
ABV : 18%
NT$ 6,000/700ml(B)
Renaissance Single Rum, Sherry Oloroso Singel Cask 16002, 2016
NT$ 10,500/700ml(B) $880/45ml(G)
OMAR Single malt whisky | Bourbon type

Floral and fruity are its features.
The flavor is dominated by whisky matured in ex-bourbon cask. Few drops of ex-sherry cask whisky give the complex body and finishing.
Non-chill filtered whisky is bottled at 46%abv to keep the best aroma and palate. No coloring, No caramel adding

First comes with pure and refreshing white flower, gradually appearing attractive aroma of cane, vanilla, cream and honey. With the warmer climate of Taiwan that brings out the character of malty grain, cedar and angelica sinensis, creates a more subtle but balanced aroma.

Alc. 46% by vol.
Capacity 700ml

NT$ 1,650/700ml(B) $480/45ml(G)
OMAR Cask Strength Peated Malt Whisky (Bourbon Cask)
First Taiwanese whisky made of Scottish peated malt. It represents the first step in Taiwanese whisky production milestone. The Scottish peat and malt meet with Taiwanese terroir created the unique Taiwanese style peaty aroma which highly linked with ancient Taiwanese stable, baked sweet potato.

Capacity 700ml  Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
NT$ 20,000/700ml(B) $1500/45ml(G)
OMAR cask strength single malt whisky | Orange brandy barrel finished
With the highly skilled technique of cask finishing, this single malt whisky is finished in the orange brandy barrel to give the exquisite flavors of richly aroma notes and superb complexity.
NT$ 1,200/45ml
OMAR Cask strength single malt whisky | Lychee liqueur barrel finished
Based on 3~4 years maturation in ex-bourbon casks and finished in a lychee liqueur barrel in order to create the specific whisky style of Nantou Distillery. The barrel was held lychee liqueur which was made from fresh lychee from the mountain near Nantou.

Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
NT$ 11,500/700ml(B) $880/45ml(G)
OMAR cask strength single malt whisky | Black-queen wine barrel finished
In the township of Erhlin in Changhu County, the grape of Black Queen under pergola is mainly used for wine making in Taiwan. It’s rich in tannin, high in acidity and deep in color. The barrels absorbed the color and fruit flavor during wine maturation. The whisky finished in these wine barrels is colored in ruby and flavored by wine. This whisky says the stories of Taiwanese terroir and Nantou Winery.

Alc. 51%~59% by vol.
NT$ 11,750/700ml(B) $880/45ml(G)
OMAR cask strength single malt whisky | Plum liqueur barrel finished

Taiwan has been regarded as the fruit kingdom. Nantou Distillery follows the flavor of this place, chooses the green plum in Nantou to make fruit wine which has rich fragrance and fresh and sweet taste. With the application of distinctive advantages, the unique plum flavor is claimed.

NT$ 11,750/700ml(B) $880/45ml(G)
The above price is subject to 10% service charge.If you bring drinks on your own, you will need to bring your own beverage service fee of NTD $500 per bottle to maintain service quality.
To be safe, don't drink and drive.
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