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Seasonal Potager
Seven to eight seasonal veg...
Seven to eight seasonal vegetables with fleur de sel and the head chef's specially refined oi; soaked with rose petals.
NT$ 880
White-Flowered Gourd
Spring limited.Self-cultiva...
Spring limited.Self-cultivated organic white-flowered gourds and organic carrotsfrom the farm are interwoven to form the crisscross pattern, stuffed with black pork and various types of mushrooms, including Brazilian mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.The dish is completed by sprinkling chicken broth at the end in order to offer a refreshingly charming taste.

Starting time: Please refer to the staff for further information.
NT$ 880
Cucumber slices are used as...
Cucumber slices are used as the cover on top of stuffing made with chicken and button mushrooms. Decorative fragrant spice balls are used as garnish. Chicken soup is drizzled onto the beautifully plated ingredients to complete this beautiful and great tasting summer dish.
NT $880
Oyster Fritter
From Tainan Anping Harbor, ...
From Tainan Anping Harbor, Uncle A-Xiang’s secret method of stuffing Fresh Waisanting Sand Bar oyster with four kinds of vegetables and shredded pork. Every order is fried fresh to assure freshness.
NT$ 380
Free-Range Chicken Essence
Uses Taiwanese authentic fr...
Uses Taiwanese authentic free-range chicken from the early period; a chicken can only produce approximately 420g of chicken essence without water and seasonings, making it the ideal nourishment for winter.
Almond Jelly
Yilan Chef A-Hai's signatur...
Yilan Chef A-Hai's signature banquet dessert. A mix of peanuts and almonds, hand whipped for 40 minutes, and transformed into the perfect gelatin dessert. A delicious jelly with no artificial flavors or additives.
NT$ 280
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Seasonal Menu
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